Copenhagen Domination - for beginners


No scheduled dates right now.


No dresscode. You are however very welcome to make for the atmosphere by attending in fetish or change to fetish in the club.

SLM Copenhagen invites you to a day and night where you can get into SM, bondage and other fetishes. Membership is not required for these workshops, but you will need to sign up. We will however fill up the room if signed up members do not show up or arrive late.

The doors will be closed while the workshops are in progress but we will open for entry in the half hour between them. The Saturday night event will require a SLM membership as usual.


1st workshop: Hurt Your Darlings - with Iason

Workshop: 13:00-13:45

This workshop will demonstrate basic technique for paddles, canes and floggers. This will give you the courage to pick up a tool of your liking or invite someone else to use one on you. We will also discuss the most common motivations for engaging in painplay as well as covering the basics of safety, consent and safewords to keep everything Safe, Sane and Consensual.

2nd workshop: Bondage - with Papi

Workshop: 14:15 - 16:00

Papi is a bondage artist and teacher from Amsterdam where he runs the Iridescent Studio - a queer BDSM space where people can learn, explore and connect. His workshop will cover bondage basics and different ways to enjoy bondage. You can see more about Papi and his work on Instagram @ iridescentstudioadam

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