The Day After

The Day After, the late relaxed afternoon, where you can enjoy the social aspect and camaraderie which also is a part of the club.

Sunday 27. October

The door is open from 16:00 to 17:00. The event ends at about 20:00.

The is no specific dresscode for this event, come as you are, in whatever clothes you feel comfortable in, whether it's sweatpants and t-shirt or, full leather. Maybe just in short or jocks. If you want, you can be naked as well.

The Day After is all about sociallizing, the cozy chat at the bar, in the sofa, or over a game of pool. We vill have coffee ready for you. Sure you can hav sex, but that's not the primary focus for this late afternoon. It's about being together in a different way than we are used to in the club. We create contacts, networks and maybe new friends or we just hav a good chat and all as a part of the commmunity we all enjoy and are a part of in SLM.

You will probably experience the club is a bit differently than on a Friday night. The is probably a little more light, the music is not as loud, and it's not the heavy bass rhytms that will lure you down, but rather the cozy atmosphere that arises when you just take a deep reath, flat out on the sofa and just have a conversation, or maybe playing games.

But come by and experience for yourself this completely different side of SLM.

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