BDSM Night

The door is open from 22:00 to 23:00. The event ends at about 02:00.

Masculine, fetish are welcome

Safety and BDSM:

Are you curious about the BDSM universe, but worried about feeling safe?  Come by as we start with an introduction to boundaries and agreements, please arrive early. We will talk about both being comfortable with the person you are playing with, but also what safety and caution are when we let go. If you are a beginner or just curious about BDSM, please come as soon as the doors open, where our volunteers from the SM team will be ready to answer questions and show you the location. There is of course no obligation to participate in any of the activities later in the evening. 


What happens at BDSM Night:

Both beginners and the more experienced are very welcome. This is the place for soft or hard SM and also spanking and bondage. For a BDSM night, the upper floor of the club will be set up for bondage and spanking area with horses, spanking bench etc., while the lower floor will be more private.


You are welcome to bring toys: The club has lots of "SM furniture" and for this night there will be a lot of toys, even more than usual in the club.




Privacy rules: Mobile phones and cameras are not allowed and must be left in the wardrobe!

What happens in SLM stays in SLM

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