BDSM Night

The door is open from 22:00 to 23:00. The event ends at about 03:00.


Fetish, Leather, BLUF, Rubber, Skinhead, Naked, Army, Uniform, Denim, Construction.

A lot of guys are turned on by both SM, spanking and bondage, so we have extended the SM event to cover all BSDM guys. Here you will find the opportunity to give it all you got with both spanking, whipping and ropes - or simply use the wide range of toys on a hot tied up guy - or enjoy the same yourself. Whether you are into SM, spanking or tight bondage you are welcome. If you are primarily turned on by long bondage sessions without being into much else within SM, then the dedicated bondage events will be more your thing.

The upper floor will be dedicated to spanking, with spanking/whipping benches, horses and lot of ropes, and the basement will be ready for your SM and bondage play, with Andrew’s Cross for whipping and flogging, leather restraints under the ceiling, bondage wall etc. Curious about Spank? SM? Control? Bondage? or whipping? Drop by early on our SM Night, where the volunteers from the SM-crew will be ready to answer questions and show you how to (and how not to) handle SM toys should you wish so. Experience a new side of yourself! Here you are free to explore your lust, limits and desires.


Bring your own toys!

The club offer plenty of SM-furniture, but few toys, so please bring your own brushes, whips, paddles etc – or simply be prepared to use your own hands throughout the night, and enjoy playing – or be played with – in the SLM Club dungeons. And – of course – any play and actions are consensual and in mutual agreement between 2 (or more) guys whom agree on what they like and do not like. A “No” is respected and always means “No”. Nobody will jump at you and abuse you – unless you asked for it. Mobiles and cameras are strictly NOT allowed on the premises, but to be left in the coat check!


The SM- and Spanking crew welcomes you and will do our outmost to give you a hot night!

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