Bondage Sunday

Tied and helpless.

No scheduled dates right now.


Fetish, Sport, Naked, Jockstraps.

Do you like to be tied up and have no influence on what might happen? Perhaps with a hood over your head , blindfolded, earplugs in your ears, completely cut off from what may happen around you, only your sensibility and your body can tell what will happen?

Or maybe you want to have complete control over your playmate?

Bondage BD is a serious play (bondage and discipline). You need to feel safe in bondage. Straight Jackets , sleep sacks , mummificering and suspension, rope, chains, locks, cuffs and blindfold or bring your one toys.


Remember a NO always means NO, and you will not be attacked or 'used' by anyone, unless you have asked nicely for it. The club closes when the last man is unpacked.

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