Stallion Night

Access for mares: 22.00-22.45. Access for stallions: 23.00-23.45.

The door is open from 22:00 to 23:45. The event ends at about 02:30.


Leather, Rubber, Skinhead, Sport, Naked, Jockstraps, Army, Uniform, Denim, Construction.

At stallion night SLM becomes a rural and rustic stable and paddock full of mares looking for stallions ready for fucking. You have to decide whether you want to be either stallion or mare in advance. Once you have made up your mind and arrived within the access times mentioned above, you cannot change your decision.

Mare: "The idea of being used by horny men while being blindfoldet turns you on. You can only hear and feel, what is going on around you."
Stallion: "You are turned on by using hot and horny mares, who are only able to hear and feel you, but not see you."

Mares arrive first, leave their clothes in the wardrobe and have a bit of time to get familiar with the place and find a good spot. They stand bound, ready and naked with a hood on their heads when the stallions are let loose in the paddock. The stallions can breed with any mare. Everything takes place in the open space. After a fuck the stallion takes the mare back and the mare is then available for other stallions to fuck. The mares can take a break at any time when needed. Simply raise the request and the stable boys will assist the mare to the break room. The stable master and stable boys are helping the mares with drinks, restroom, breaks, etc. There are a number of rules on this evening to make sure we all have a good night in the stable. The stable master will run through the rules before we start.

Please note: this is a SAFE SEX event


  • Mares: Naked (Cockring, harness and jockstraps accepted)
  • Stallions: Leather, rubber, uniform, army, skinhead, construction, denim, naked/jock strap or sport




  1. You have to arrive at the club between 22:00 and 22:45 (the time is strict as we have to make sure that all mares are in the paddock before the stallions arrive).
  2. You have to leave all your clothes in the wardrobe. You will be given a number ticket, which also is used for drinks which is paid for when you leave. You should only wear shoes/boots and socks. Cockring and harnes is allowed. 
  3. Before the stallions arrive, you will be given a hood to take over your head so that you are unable to see the stallions. The hood can be fastned so you can choose whether you want to offer oral sex to the stallions or not. If you have your own hood, you can use that too. It must cover your entire face and you must be entirely blinded. The stable master is responsible for approving hoods brought from home - if rejected you must use one of ours. 
  4. The stable master will inform you about your security and safety and the rules between 22:45 and 23:00. Raise your questions here if you have any doubts. 
  5. When everybody is ready at 23:00 the stallions will be given access to the paddock for unlimitied sexual pleasure with the mares. 
  6. The stable master and the stable boys will look after that you have what you need and will assist (e.g. condoms, lube, toilet visit, breaks etc.). Whenever you need a break, you will be escorted to a room, where the stallions have no access. Smoking is also allowed in this room - called the "stable". It is always allowed to take a break. The stable master and the stable boys will ensure that all the mares feel safe during the event. 
  7. While in the paddock you are not allowed to remove your hood until the last stallion has left the paddock. You are only allowed to take off the hood when in the stable (break room) with the door closed. 
  8. If you choose to leave the event before it is over, you must tell the stable staff. You will then be escorted to a room, have your clothes back, pay your consumptions and then being escorted all the way out to make sure that you have no contact with any stallion on your way out. 


  1. Arrive at the club between 23:00 and 23:45. The mares are ready from 23:00 - and you will be informed about the rules in the entrance. The door closes 23:45. 
  2. You can freely move around in the paddock . You can buy beer, soda, drinks and water from the bar. You are welcome to check out and feel all the mares to turn them on. 
  3. It is you and the other stallions that makes the party - so please start playing with the mares from the beginning. 
  4. When you have decided which mare to fuck, you can breed it where it is or you can escort it to a convenient spot in the paddock. 
  5. When breeding the mare, you must practice safe sex. 
  6. The hood of the mare may under no circumstances be removed. 
  7. When finished with a mare, please return it to the spot from where you took it. 
  8. If you would like to be multiple stallions breeding one mare then simply cordinate this, but respect other stallions prefering to breed alone. 
  9. When you are done with all the mares, you are free to leave the party.
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