Fetish in the mix

Ground floor as well as basement is open - maximum 70 guys in the club.

No scheduled dates right now.


Fetish, Leather, BLUF, Rubber, Skinhead, Neoprene, Sport, Army, Uniform.

All Saturdays from August 29 until October 24, 2020, will be Fetish in the mix events. 

The dresscode is strict and to access the club you must wear fetish. Take advantage of this oppotunity to wear your most sexy gear. Feel free to be creative and mix your gear or fetishes - e.g. by wearing a pair of hot rugby pants with a leather harnes, or a mix of leather and rubber. You cannot be naked, but you are welcome to wear a jockstrap and a harness as a minimum. 


Fetish in the mix is an event for you who fancy going out in sexy fetish gear with other guys in fetish. Meet guys with similar turn-ons or explore other fetishes and kinks with other guys. 

Changing, wardrobe and shower in the club

The wardrobe in SLM Copenhagen is always staffed. You can safely hand in all your coat, clothes and bag to the wardrobe staff. There is also a small changing room so that you have the option to change to your fetish gear in the club. Shower facilities are available in SLM Copenhagen, but remember to bring your own towel. 

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