Fetish Brothers

We meet in camaraderie, in our different fetishes which overlap each other. For us who are turned on by being together in fetish in the more sleazier end.

The door is open from 22:00 to 23:00. The event ends at about 02:00.

Skinhead, Workie, Scally, Farmer, Redneck and Punk (Smoke) Note that nudity or just wearing underpants are NOT an option for this theme - on the contrary, we would like to see a little effort being made to look as sleazy and naughty as possible. The team behind Fetish Brothers will happily assist you with the dress code and to find the right outfit.

This evening is for us who are turned on by a naughty mix of fetishes. It’s all about being together in a naughty brotherhood and camaraderie, embracing and celebrating masculinity and the manly expression - where there is room for both socializing and sleazy “dirty” sex.

Typically, there is a very cozy and relaxed atmosphere in the club. There is room for exchanging experiences and find inspiration and to have great sex too. We are together as 'brothers' and typically hear skinhead music and alternative rock. We often order take out and eat together. Hard core sleazy videos are running on all screens. Our large basement where you find BDSM area, dark room, glory holes, slings, a w/s area, and spaces for more privacy are available and open for everything you want to do and try out.

On selected evenings we might have workshops, such as how to make your own bleachers ect.


If you are smoker also pipe or maybe a big cigar - then it’s absolutely the night for you. Many of us hang out in the smoking lounge talking over a beer and a smoke, which may lead to sex among several of the guests.

There is full focus on the masculine visual expression and the guys in the bar are looking forward to welcoming you.

Remember - as always - this is a “mobile-free” evening - use of mobile phones are only allowed in the entrance.

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