Piss Night

The club's wettest party – Come to Piss night in the club's basement with a focus on naughty play in the large wet room. The party is for all of us who turn on the sultry and wet atmosphere of piss.

The door is open from 22:00 to 23:00. The event ends at about 03:00.

Feel free to get into fetish gear – it makes the party even naughtier – Many choose to come wearing rubber as it easily tolerates wet, otherwise it is very suitable to be in sportswear / jockstrap / briefs. In addition, there is an emphasis on the masculine dress code with leather, skinhead/jeans, neoprene, military or just being naked wearing shoes/boots! NO sandals, flip-flops, or bare feet

Do you piss or are you getting down on your knees yourself?

There's play and other naughty action throughout the entire basement – are you kinky enough to sit in the big bathtub with direct drain from 3 urinals?

This evening, the club's large wet room extra is in focus with a naughty and humid atmosphere – you will find that the basement is a tad kinkier than on ordinary club nights. Drink a beer/water in our bar in the basement – and later "pass it on" to the guy who is already waiting on his knees in front of you.



Piss night is by far our wettest night – get wet from end to end. The atmosphere will be intense with sweaty club music, a dim lighting, as well as heavy smoke and steam that accentuates the club's raw interior – especially in the wet room.

For Piss Nights, the bar has been moved down to the basement, so we are close to the naughty wet room and the club's big darkroom and slings etc.

Once you have passed through the entrance, you will receive a plastic bag for your clothes. On the ground floor you change clothes and put your clothes in the bag, which you then hand over to the bar's wardrobe in the basement. Then you receive a bracelet with a number that matches your bag. This number also counts as your bar number this evening. When you leave the club, ask for your bag, pay your bill at the bar and go up to the ground floor and get dressed.

You can expect the entire area of the basement to be in use for this evenin.

REMEMBER to bring closed shoes to this event. NO sandals, flip-flops, or bare feet – this is for safety reasons.

Smoking takes place in the club's smoking lounge on the ground floor.

Finally, you have the opportunity to take a shower – but bring your own towel!


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