Military Night

We are reviving Military Night for all of you who are into uniforms of all kinds. It's about discipline, dominance and camaraderie.

Saturday 31. August

The door is open from 22:00 to 23:00. The event ends at about 02:00.

The dress code is stricter than usual. It is mostly about uniforms of all kinds: Army, Navy, Veil, Police/SWAT, Emergency Responders and Parade Uniforms. BLUF is also welcome. We expect at least veil or combat pants and boots. Puppy is allowed, however, it's as K9's – that means well-adjusted dogs obeying commands from the soldiers and not just walking around freely – Pup hood is required, and we recommend knee pads and gloves. POWs are also welcome in either prison clothing, tattered clothing, or the like.

This evening is for all of us who like to wear or look at uniforms, the military expression and the slightly rawer style. We embrace the camaraderie in the bar and smoking lounge, we make sure discipline is maintained in the various sections of the basement, and we enjoy dominating over those who don't do as told.

The music will be loud and heavy, the light will be dimmed more in the basement, and there will be areas with strobe lights (flashed).

This evening, the club will be decorated a little differently than usual: In the "Mess Hall" (bar) everyone has free access, however, POWs mujst always be securely secured and supervised.


There will be a special “Officers' Lounge” in the smoking lounge, where only the uniformed officers will have access, where you can enjoy a large cigar or a good chat.

In the basement there will be room for you to let your K9 loose in the “Dog yard” (dark room), it is of course expected that K9's only move around on all 4, and that they are well trained or on a leash. The POWs must of course sit in the "Prison" (pis-room), or in the "Torture Chamber" (SM-room) when they are not followed around the rest of the club.

Whether you need a relaxing evening with your fellow soldiers in "Mass Hall” or want to challenge some to hard physical training and discipline in the basement, punish a prisoner (abuse a POW) in the "Torture Chamber" or something completely different, you are welcome to Military Night.

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