On this page you can read about how to get into the SLM Copenhagen, membership cards, prices, payment and frequently asked questions.

SLM Copenhagen is a member club, which means you must be a member to visit the club.

There are 3 different membership card in SLM Copenhagen:

  • A-membership card, valid a full calendar year, access on all events including the club AGM, access for other Top of Europe clubs in the Nordics.
  • B-membership card, valid for 3 months from the day of purchase, access on all events except the club AGM.
  • C-Membership card (Friday member), valid a full calendar year, but only allow access to the club on Fridays.

Please note you must be 18 to sign up for a membership in SLM Copenhagen. You can read more about SLM Copenhagens policy regarding data protection here.

You can read more about memberships further down on this page.

Membership of SLM

There is only access to SLM Copenhagen for members.

A-membership - full year membership
A-membership costs DKK 500 (70€) and is valid for a full calendar year. With other words, a membership is valid until 31/12 - no matter when you buy it. Signup or renewal of A-memberships can sometimes cause a line at the checkout, and to avoid this you can purchase your membership online and bring the membership card on your phone. It is recommended to either upload a photo on your membership profile online or bring a physical photo for issue of your physical membership card. This will make your membership valid in other clubs in the Nordics, which are members of Top of Europe. Remember that you must comply with the dresscode.

B-membership - guest membership of SLM (First time in SLM )
If this is the first time at SLM Copenhagen, you can buy a B-membership card DKK 200 (30€). B-membership card is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

Remember that you must comply with the dresscode.

C-membership - Friday card ( the first time in SLM on a Friday )
C-membership card (or Fridaycard) costs DKK 125 (18€) . Friday memberhsip apply for a full calendar year, but only allow access to the club on Fridays. Remember that you only get access to the club if dresscode is observed.

Photo on membership cards
It is up to you wether or not you want a photo on your membership card. If you do not want photo on your membership card, you should expect to be asked for photo ID to check your name on your membership card. Be aware that A-memberships are only valid in other Top of Europe clubs with a physical membership card with a photo printed or physically attached to the card by the bouncher at the entrance.

Lost A-membership card
If you lose your A- Membership card, you can normally retrieve your membership card electronically online using your e-mail address or membership number. If you are unable, contact the Secretary ( to receive a new membership card by e-mail. Next time you visit the club, you can have a new physical card issued. Remark that the bouncher at the entrance is only able to print a new physical membership card given that you present either an electronic membership card or the reciept for your membership.

Overview of validity and prices for memberships:

Type Valid Sign-up fee
A-membership 1 calendar year 500 kr. (70 EUR)
B-membership 3 months 200 kr. (30 EUR)
C-membership 1 calendar year 125 kr. (18 EUR)

Overblik over entré-priser (dog er entréen inkluderet den dag du køber et medlemskab):

Type Entrance thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
A-membership 0 kr. 0 kr. 50 kr. 50 kr.
B-membership 100 kr. 50 kr. 100 kr. 50 kr.
C-membership 50 kr. - -

Youan pay by credit card in SLM Copenhagen.

Phones and drugs are prohibited - and remember condom

Use of mobile phones are not allowed in the club premises. For use of mobile phone, please refer to the wardrobe area. We recommend leaving phones home or in the wardrobe. If carrying a phone in a pocket, it shall stay there at all times - with absolutely no exceptions.

SLM Copenhagen is a strictly NO DRUGS area. Use of drugs, including weed/hash/joints, in the club premises will result in immidiate expulsion. Danish legislation on euphoric substances also applies in SLM Copenhagen.

SLM Copenhagen encourages to safe sex. Condoms should be used for anal sex and are available for free everywhere in the club. All sexual interaction must respect the limits of the participants.

On certain dates SLM Copenhagen offers STD check in cooperation with Checkpoint and AIDS Fondet. Look out for the Checkpoint-logo in the calendar and read more on this page.

Read more about general health recommendations here.

Refer to the house rules for further information about do's and don'ts.

Address and map

SLM Copenhagen
Lavendelstræde 17, back building, ground floor · DK-1462 Copenhagen K · Denmark
Phone: +45 33 32 06 01

Club e-mail:

Map: click here ...

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