SLM Copenhagen is an S/M and fetish club for gay and bisexual men who like leather, rubber and uniforms etc. The club is located a stone's throw from the Town Hall Square right in the centre of Copenhagen. The address and a map can be found on this page. The club is open every Friday and also has special theme nights most Saturdays. The club is also sometimes open on Thursdays and Sunday, but please do check the calendar first to make sure.

To enter SLM Copenhagen, a membership is required. You can purchase membership in the entrance or here on our website. Log in as a member and renew/pay membership fee online (temporarily not possible). If you were not a member last year, register here.

In SLM, you are able to live out your fantasies without anyone posting you on any SoMe platform.

Therefore it is mandatory to leave your phone in the wardrobe, in your rucksack or in your coat/jacket. You can always pay for drinks in the bar by cash, credit card, ApplePay/GooglePay on your Smart Watch or get a number and pay your bill when you leave. If you urgently need your phone, ask the cashier at the door.

SLM Copenhagen is not just a sex club, it's a fetish club and also a great place to meet guys and make new friends. About half the members visit the club to meet friends, while the other half go there mainly to have sex. Of course many do both! The age range is pretty broad - the youngest members are in their early twenties, and the oldest in their seventies.

SLM Copenhagen is proud member of Top of Europe.
With an A-membership in SLM Copenhagen you have access to all Top of Europe clubs.

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