SLM Copenhagen is a s/m and fetish club for men who are into particular kinds of clothes and equipment. So it is important that you, as a member or visitor of the club, to some degree practice those fetishes too. For this reason SLM Copenhagen has a dress code: Leather, rubber, uniform, army, skinhead, construction, denim, naked/jock strap, sportswear. Your footwear is also an important part of your expression.

We are currently reviewing our general guidelines for dresscodes. For new please refer to each specific event for dresscode details and ask if you are in doubt.

What is masculine dresscode?

At the usual Friday events Friday Bar & Cruise and some other events, you will see the dresscode defined as "Masculine". This dresscode covers all masculine fetish outfit and ordinary masculine non-fetish clothings. This gives you the opportunity to visit the club in your leather, rubber, construction clothes, MC gear, sports clothes etc. and also in plain and ordinary clothes. If you visit SLM Copenhagen in plain and ordinary clothes, it needs to be neutral and respectful to all the guys that visit SLM in their fetish outfits. That means no shirts, knitwear, office shoes, fashion prints and colorful/gaudy clothes in general. If you are not sure, then take a look at the examples below. A good starting point could be a pair of worn jeans, a black t-shirt or tanktop and sneakers. Another safe option is a tanktop, training pants and sneakers.

No to: knit wear, shirts, t-shirts and polos with fashion prints.

Yes to: Solid colored t-shirts/polos, naughty prints, sport clothes and tanktops.

You are always very welcome in leather, rubber, neoprene, army, skin, MC-gear, sport, contruction and combinations of any.

Dressing rooms, cloakroom and bath in the club

There is always staffed cloakroom SLM Copenhagen so you can safely drop your coats and any bags to the member on door duty. There are also changing rooms, so you have the option to switch to your fetish clothes. There are shower facilities in SLM Copenhagen, however, please bring your own towel.

Color codes

Some guys use colorcodes to indicate sexual preferences. In the table you can see what the different colors mean and whether you wear the color code on the right (bottom) or left (top) side. The color codes can either be worn as bracelets, stripes on clothes, laces and hanky in the back pocket.

VENSTRE/Aktiv Farve HØJRE/Passiv
Hård sadist Hård masochist
Bondage aktiv Bondage passiv
Vil have suttet pik Sutter pik
Gi'r pik Vil ha' pik
Aktiv fister Vil fistes
Aktiv ved brystvorte lir Vil have brystvorte lir
Aktiv ved spanking Vil spankes
Aktiv ved pis Vil pisses på
Aktiv til alt Med på alt
Daddy Boy
Aktiv militærmand Passiv rekrut
Vil skide på dig Vil skides på
Spil min pik Spiller pik på dig

There are several other color codes, but these are the most commonly used.

The bouncer has the final word

The dress code is a set of guidelines for the bouncer on duty at the door at the time. No member can demand to be let in by referring to the dress code if the bouncer feels that that member is not following his interpretation of it. If a member or a guest plans on a minimal compliance with the dress code, he should be prepared to be rejected at the door. For further information refer to the house rules.

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