For our popular fisting theme the club is setup to fit the purpose. There is action both up- and downstairs and in every corner. In addition to the many slings, there will be dimmed lights in the Darkroom and a mattress on the pool table (which is perfect if you love a crowd).

The door is open from 22:00 to 23:00. The event ends at about 03:00.

Masculine, but a good advice... Less is more ;-)

This evening is dedicated to everyone who loves fisting. You will not experience much ordinary sex unless it is in combination with fisting. If fisting doesn't turn you on, this night probably isn't for you.

But if you are curious, you are most welcome… but remember to be respectful.



There is always a cheeky and relaxed vibe. Minimal techno in the speakers both in the bar and in the basement and when you need a break, the bartenders ensure a cozy atmosphere in the bar.

You will experience all types of people this evening; young, mature, bears and twinks and they are all here to play together, so there is plenty of opportunities to practice your FF kink, either 1on1 or in groups. Whether you want it more intimate or like it public for all to see and possibly join.

You will meet all levels of experience. Some completely new to the "game" and others with many years of experience. If you are new, do not be afraid to ask the bartenders or the theme responsible, who are more than happy to help with a few good tips or answering your questions ;-)


Practical information

Inside the club you will receive a plastic bag for all your clothes which is then handed over to the bartenders. Here you get a number, and this is also written on your shoulder with a marker. This number also counts as your “bar number”. When you leave the club, ask for your plastic bag at the bar. You change clothes and pay your bill in the bar.

SLM has 2 rooms where you can clean out, but be aware that queues quickly occur, so we strongly recommend that you have done a thorough cleaning from home.

In the bar there will be Crisco and gloves for free use. You are of course welcome to bring your own lube / cream.

If you are curious, or just want to join in on a look, then you could consider helping out for these evenings. Contact vagtmester@slm.dk

We can always use more hands… also behind the bar :-)



Contact vagtmester@slm.dk – We can always use more hands… also behind the bar 


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