FF Sunday

Fist Party on a Sunday afternoon.

Sunday 11. December

The door is open from 16:00 to 17:00. The event ends at about 20:00.


Fetish, Leather, Rubber, Skinhead, Sport, Naked, Jockstraps, Army, Denim, Construction.

The action often starts even before the last guests have arrived. Some call it wild RED parties, some think it’s a dream world. The scenario is hot, very relaxed and miles away from the real world. This is by far another world and everybody seems to leave his prejudices and restrains at home. Even those who frequently visit the SLM club gets a new experience these afternoons.

A handful of club members usually spend the afternoon in advance re-decorating the club to give every visitor a maximum payoff. Plenty of playing facilities with mattresses, mirrors, benches and up to 12 slings. The music is mostly very relaxed and meant to support the intense sexual activity


You pay your entrance fee at the door. Then you will enter the club, where you will be handed a black sack. Now you can undress or change into your outfit. Put your clothes and belongings in the black bag Then hand it in at the bar where it gets a number, this number will be written on your shoulder with a marker pen. This number applies as your bar bill number.

Then, when you leave the club, ask for your black bag at the bar. You dress, pay your bill at the bar before leaving the club.


Practical information

  • In the club there is only one washroom, so we strongly recommend that you rinse your arse at home. Otherwise there will be a very long queue.
  • In the bar there will be Crisco in small pots and gloves for free use. And of course you are welcome to bring your own lube / cream.
  • Cover the floor with paper under the butt before starting to play.
  • Under each sling there is a black bucket. It’s required to be placed under the butt that is to be played. It makes cleaning the club much easier.


All ages and all types, young and old, bear or twink.

You will meet all levels of experience. Most are "versatile" or "bottoms" with a few "tops" only also around.

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