Summer Club Cruising Night

The door is open from 22:00 to 01:00. The event ends at about 02:30.


Summer Club Cruising Night is where you will have the option of mixing your fetish:

  • Rubber Shorts with football socks and sneakers
  • Jeans with leatherharness and boots
  • Army pants with soccer jersey and skinhead boots 
  • Foodball shorts with rubber shirt and sneakers
  • Neoprenchaps, cap and boots
  • Leather pants, rubervest and armyboots.

On Saturdays the club normally has FETISH EVENTS with strict dress codes but this Saturday we open up for a kinky Summer Club Cruising Night where you can mix your fetishes. 


What happens at a Summer Club Cruising Night?

Guys visit SLM to socialize, have a beer at the bar, take a smoke in the smoking lounge, play a game of pool with the boys - others just enteres the the basement directly to cruise - Anything can happen! Our bar offers 4  kinds of liquor: Rom, Vodka, Wishky, Gin. Futhermore, we sell a number of Danish beers and soft drinks/shots.

Changing room, cloakroom and bath in the club

There is always staffed cloakroom SLM Copenhagen so you can safely drop your coats and any bags to the member on door duty. There are also changing room, so you have the option to switch to your fetish clothes. There are shower facilities in SLM Copenhagen, however, please bring your own towel.

The club is 500m2 with 2 bars, pool table, large smoking lounges with slings. The 250m2 basement is a large playground for adult men with 12 slingsmattresses, cabins, darkroomporn on flat screens, andreas cross, bondageroomdouble FF-room, wetroom mm.

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