F*** in public

There is no way to "hide". All sex is done in public for everyone to watch.

Tuesday 13. August

The door is open from 22:00 to 23:00. The event ends at about 03:00.

All fetishes, nude or jockstraps. Remenber you must wear shoes/sneakers/boots

The theme is only about one thing: SEX. Sex where everyone can participate, and everyone can watch. Sex everywhere. Group sex, two and two, threesomes – only you imagination sets the limits.

This is the night for anyone with voyeuristic desires.


The light will be a little lighter in the club than usual. No dark rooms and corners. In return, there will be plenty of naughty sex to watch and participate in. You can have sex anywhere, as long as the rest of us can watch. In Slings, at the bar, at the bar, at the pool table etc.

There will be a designated area where cameras will ensure everyone can follow the action as it will stream directly to all screens throughout the club – live sex for everyone.

COMPETITION: For the hardcore group sex athletes, there will be awards. You have to do a sex show so close to the bar that the bartender can follow along. The sex show must be with a minimum of 3 people and for a minimum of five minutes. As a thank you for the show, there is one free beer/water or drink for all actors in the play.

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