Hot Sunday

End the weekend with a naughty trip to SLM. It's Sunday in the late afternoon.

The door is open from 16:00 to 17:00. The event ends at about 20:00.

Nude, sports shorts, speedos or jockstraps. Mandatory to wear shoes/sneakers/boots. You must have nude upper body (harness is allowed).

Hot Sunday is about being social but also about having uninhibited sex. You can choose one or the other – or maybe both.


End the weekend with a beer, water, drinks or more. Meet the many other guys in a cozy but also warm atmosphere. In short or throw away most of the clothes, or all of it. Pack lube and condoms in the sock and join the festivities.

We are usually around 60-70 at the event. Sometimes even as many as 100. Your clothes will be stored in our wardrobe. You don't have to think about where to make of your money. You get a number, and we write the number on a bracelet you wear on the wrist. Now you can buy beer, water and drinks in the bar.

When you choose to leave the party, you get your clothes – and you pay your bill.


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