Bar and Cruising Night

Free entrance for A-members

The door is open from 21:00 to 01:00. The event ends at about 02:00.

Do's: Appropriate Fetish clothing, Dark jeans, solid color t-shirt in dark colors or white, or fetish brand logo's. Solid color socks dark colors or white. Boots or sneakers. Dont’s: Feminine apparel, cotton sweaters, multicolored or t-shirts in bright colors. Cotton trousers/flannel trousers, Cotton shirts. Sandals, cottage shoes and the like.

Some uses SLM as their local bar, to meet up with friends to socialize and drink a few beers. Others take the opportunity to smoke or smoke a cigar in our smoking lounge, while chatting over a beer and a naughty movie. You can also play a game of pool with the boys. While others go straight to the basement to cruise and have sex. Anything can happen! That’s one of the club's strengths. There is both the opportunity to socialize and to have sex.


There are no rules of what kind of sex you can have at a "Bar and Cruising Night" - and sex is also practiced in quite a few different disciplines :-)  If you are into bondage, S/M, fist, piss or other forms of fetish sex, it may also be a good idea to visit the club on a Saturday evening where the focus is on a single fetish theme. Here there will be more men with the same interest. But of course, it's always OK to have whatever kind of sex that turn you on.

SLM is a safe playground for you and your friends.

SLM is your club where you can feel at home and where you can be who you are. There is room for everyone - young and old.

The entrance in SLM Copenhagen is always staffed. So you can safely hand in your outerwear and any bag to the guy in the entrance. There are also changing rooms so you can change into your fetish clothes.

There are bathing facilities in SLM, however, you must bring your own towel.

Everyone in SLM Copenhagen works for free and it is the members' volunteer work that allows you to have a naughty night out. Be nice to the guys in the entry and in the bar. They are there for you to have a nice evening.

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