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What is SLM Copenhagen?

SLM Copenhagen is an S/M and fetish club for gay and bisexual men who like leather, rubber and uniforms etc. The club is located a stone's throw from the Town Hall Square right in the centre of Copenhagen. The address and a map can be found on this page. The club is open every Friday and also has special theme nights most Saturdays. The club is also sometimes open Thursdays and Sunday, but please do check the calendar first to make sure. SLM Copenhagen is not just a sex club but also a great place to meet guys and make new friends. About half the members visit the club to meet friends, while the other half go there mainly to have sex. Of course many do both! The age range is pretty broad - the youngest members are in their early twenties, and the oldest in their seventies.

How do I become a member of SLM Copenhagen?

Any men who complies with SLM Copenhagen’s dress code and who agrees to respect the rules of the club can become a member. You can read more about membership on this page.

Can I visit the club without being a member?

You must be a full or temporary member of SLM or a full member of another Top of Europe club, because Danish law prohibits sex in public places such as bars. For this reason SLM Copenhagen has to be run as a private club and can therefore only allow access for members. If you are already a member of another Top of Europe club, just bring your membership card along as a valid membership card to access our club. A couple of times a year, there are open house nights, where you can visit us without a membership. One of the open house nights are during the Copenhagen Pride weekend in August.

Do I have to wear leather in order to get in?

If you want to visit SLM Copenhagen it should be because you like men in leather, rubber, uniforms and army gear etc. So it is important that you as a member and guest also practice those fetishes. The club's dress code is: Leather, rubber, uniform, army, skinhead, construction and denim. This means you can make do with "just" wearing a pair of army or camouflage pants. Please bear in mind that the clothes should be masculine and not for example what could be called “fashion”. You will not be let in wearing fashion jeans and a shirt. Absolute minimum for a first visit is dark jeans and a white or black t-shirt, boots or dark shoes. Only just complying, or barely complying with the dress code means that you risk being turned away at the entrance. It is up the member on door duty to decide whether you comply with the dress code or not. That can sometimes be difficult if you are just wearing ordinary jeans. If you are wearing leather, rubber or perhaps skinhead gear, there is not going to be any need for discussion, and anyway you will probably have much more fun in the club as a result!

Must I practice s/m when I visit SLM Copenhagen?

No! It’s not compulsory! About half of the members just visit the club for socialising, while the other half come to have sex. SLM Copenhagen is a haven or "playground" for guys who like S/M, fisting, rubber, piss etc, but there is no compulsion. If you are into some of these kinds of sex, then come along to our special theme nights – there is something for everyone!

Can I smoke in SLM?

Danish law prohibits smoking in SLM and other bars larger than a certain size. However, the law does allow a separate smoking room, so unlike other gay places in Copenhagen, SLM has a large smoking lounge. Please do not smoke anywhere else in the club. And unlike in some other countries, you can also drink in the smoking lounge. Some members practice other activities in there too!

Dressing rooms, cloakroom and bath in the club

There is always staffed cloakroom SLM Copenhagen so you can safely drop your coats and any bags to the member on door duty. There are also changing rooms, so you have the option to switch to your fetish clothes. There are shower facilities in SLM Copenhagen, however, please bring your own towel.

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