In force in 2023

  1. All activities and actions in the context of SLM Copenhagen take place under your personal responsibility and in consideration of yourself and other members present.
  2. Members must treat each other in accordance with the mutual understanding based on respect and good fellowship.
  3. Members are requested to act responsibly at any time in the club and clean up after themselves. The club is based on volunteering.
  4. The identity of other members must be kept secret to ensure that SLM Copenhagen remains a place where all members can feel safe and feel comfortable to return to in the future. Photography of any kind is forbidden on the premises without a special permission from the board of SLM Copenhagen.
  5. SLM Copenhagen urges everybody to exercise safe sex. Condoms ought to be used during anal sex and are free and available throughout the club. All sexual actions must respect the limits of the participants.
  6. Borrowed items belonging to the club must be returned after use and they may not be taken from the premises.
  7. Escape routes must not be blocked at any time and may only be opened during emergencies during club opening hours.
  8. SLM Copenhagen is a NO DRUGS zone. The use of any drugs on the premises will lead to immediate expulsion. The Danish Euphoriants Act also applies to SLM Copenhagen.
  9. SLM Copenhagen is not responsible for any lost personal belongings. The cloakroom and lockers are used at your own risk.
  10. When arriving or leaving the club, please respect the other residents in the building by refraining from making noise, leaving bottles, smoking, urinating or otherwise misbehaving in the courtyard and the entrance gateway.
  11. Use of mobile phones are strictly forbidden on the premises. The use of mobile phones is only allowed in the cloakroom at the entrance.

The house rules for SLM Copenhagen are there to create a free and safe space for you to practice your fetish. Respect them! You must follow the directions from the person in charge of the entrance. Breaches can lead to expulsion from SLM Copenhagen.

The Board

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